There is nothing like wood to give your homes and offices all splendour and elegance. But in a world of grievous ecological imbalance caused by the increasing axing of trees, it is but important to think of an alternative. A revolutionary product to change all that the interior designing and decorative segment has seen till date. The unique features and long-lasting properties of Good Wood makes it to overcome in any extreme climatic conditions. Due to the comprehensive applications of Good Wood, it has already been used in interior decoration, kitchen cabinet making and renovation work. The water, acid and stain resistant features, environment protective aspects makes it as a real substitute for wood.

It's just what Good Wood Panels are all about, an excellent and comprehensive substitute for wood. This solid product suits both interior and exterior decorative applications, enhancing their charm and grandness. Having a High Density rate of 0.55, these panels comes with both side masking films which avoid damages caused during transit and working.

Processed through hi-tech European technology involving extrusion and calibration process, these Integral free Foam Homogeneous Sheets are also called Synthetic Resine sheets. Going through the extrusion and calibration process, the top and bottom layers of the product gets more density with superior finish and the sheet becomes rigid, glossy, smooth and strong. This gives Good Wood a versatile and multipurpose property, which has a tremendous acceptance in building industry prevalent in advanced countries.

Good for

  • Building and construction
  • Interior and exterior decoration
  • Water and fire proofing applications
  • Duct covering and wall cladding
  • Industrial ceiling and partitions
  • Signage industry (flex and letter cutting)


  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • 100% Waterproof, 100% Termite proof and Fire retardant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight, but with high impact
  • Excellent for wet area applications
  • Made from ā€˜Uā€™ PVC polyester resin
  • Pure white in colour and has a glossy and finished surface
  • More durable than wood
  • Excellent sound, thermal and electrical insulator
  • Resistance to water, termite, fungus, chemical, acid etc.
  • Easy to install. Can be worked upon with all wood working tools.
  • Excellent screw holding capacity with possibility for repeated screwing
  • Thermoforming (can be bend by heating or suitable applications)
  • Dual surface finish, in turn, saves labour
  • Economical when compared to wood
  • Easy bonding (can be bonded with proper adhesive)


  • Kitchen, bedroom cabinets and cupboards
  • Bathroom and wash cabinets
  • Specialised wood works like Eve's Board and Sopanam for houses
  • Exterior and interior name boards (letter cutting and letter making)
  • Decorative carving, grooving & sculpture works
  • Interiors for food processing units
  • Entrance, bedroom and toilet doors
  • Audotorium tabletop, partition & roof
  • Pillars, walls, curves & arched roofs
  • Designer shutters for wardrobes and walls
  • Operation theatre & laboratories
  • Export & packaging industry
  • Ship, houseboat & caravan interior
  • Treetop huts & cottages
  • Advertising, signage, hoarding etc.
  • For all renovation work