JULITE - Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

We are the direct importers and distributors for Julite Polycarbonate Sheets. It has passed ISO 9000 quality assurance system. There are 11 lines extrusion machines imported from UNION, AMUT, OMIPA company, the famous international equipment manufacturers, among which, there are double-layer and multilayer sheet co-extrusion. Thickness of sheet can be 0.6 mm to 10 mm. The maximum width is 2450 mm.


Impact Strength : The impact strength of solid PC sheet is 200 times that of glass and the impact strength of hollow PC sheet is 80 times that of glass.

Light Weight : The weight of solid PC sheet is only about half of glass, and the weight of hollow PC sheet is only about one twelfth at the same thickness.

Transparency : The light transmission of 3 mm solid PC sheet is 88%, and the light transmission of 6mm hollow PC sheet is 80%.

UV-Protection : PC sheet is co-extruded with a high-density ultra violet ray absorbent to fight against ultra violet ray, while keeping the PC sheet from decoloring.

Resistance to Weather : PC sheet have good weather ability, it can maintain excellent properties in a wide temperature range from -400C to +1200C.

Inhibiting Condensation : When outdoor temperature is 00C, indoor temperature is 230C, PC sheet will not get condensation even with relative humidity as high as 80%.

Thermal Insulation : The K-value of glass is 1.2 times that of solid PC sheet and is 1.7 times that of hollow PC sheet. So PC sheet can prevent heat loss and save more energy.

Sound Insulation : The hollow form and polycarbonate resin offer significant advantage to the sound insulation.

Flame Resistance : Through testing by National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Fire Building Materials, each behavior of the material conform to the standard of difficult-flammability material. PC sheet is rated Class B1 according to QB8624-1997.

Easy Installation: : PC sheet can be bent while hot or cold. It is possible to construct curved roofs and windows. The minimum radius of curvature of PC sheet is 175 times of its thickness.