Mulching Films

Mulching Films

Mulching is an agricultural technique that involves covering the soil with special films to prevent contamination of the crops and the soil from atmospheric agents, which can dry the ground, deteriorate fruits, cool the earth and displace fertilizers, thus it is necessary for vegetative development. It also helps by preventing weed growth.

In addition, mulching gives higher yields and earlier crops. It is one of the most widespread agricultural techniques, as its results are very satisfactory and the process does not involve great cost. ASB offers mulching films in black/white color with 30 microns in thickness of 1mm and 1.2mm. For bulk orders, pre stamped holes as per customer specification can be applied prio ro delivery.


  • Improved crop quality
  • Water retention
  • Minimization of weed spread
  • Soil temperature control
  • Soil desinfection before sowing