Vermi Bed with Cover

Vermi Beds are designed to convert your kitchen and other green waste into highly fertile organic compost known as vermicompost. This process is known as vermicomposting. Earthworms eat this waste as their food and they decompose the same which later converts into organic composting. This is also known as worm composting. Vermi beds represents the future in modern compost technology. Vermi Beds are a smart choice for organic agricultural farmers to get higher quality crop yields.

The best thing about Vermi Beds is that they are easy to install. One can install several numbers in very less time. No need of expensive concrete beds now. Vermi Beds can be easily relocated by just sliding the bed from installation post and moving to a new location.

  • UV stabilized multilayer HDPE material
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Vermi wash pockets
  • Aeration Net pockets

How to build your Vermi Bed

  • Install Vermi Bed
  • After installing, put soil as first layer
  • Add chopped dry straw as second layer to hold moisture and aeration for earthworms
  • Sprinkle water to maintain moisture, The moisture level shall not exceed 40-50%
  • Add aged cow dung into the bed as food for earthworms
  • Continue the above process until the Vermi Bed completely fills up
  • Distribute cow dung uniformly to maintain load in Vermi Bed
  • Now introduce earthworms on the top of bed
  • Cover the bed to avoid direct sun light
  • Vermicompost will take 60-80 days to get prepared