Pest Control

Glass Trap

Wasps and flies will be lured to the trap, instead of to your plant or its fruits! The insects enter through the opening in the bottom, and then are unable to escape. Hang the trap from a tree or simply set it on a flat surface. Easy to clean out. This trap is highly effective to prevent almost all fruit attacking flies. Ideal for fruits, vegetable and coconut tree.

Sticky Trap

Sticky traps are useful for killing crawling insects 24/7, and as such are frequently used by farmers to enhance their pests pest control methods. Sticky traps allow farmers to catch pests that are active at night or other times when people are not present.

Snail Guard Granules

Snail guards granules naturally drives away snails from yards, gardens, sheds and wood piles. It is safe for pets and human. Very small quantity is needed to prevent snails from entering the garden.

Snake Guard Granules

Snake Guard Granules contain multiple plant extracts which are not pleasant to snake an other reptiles. The smell of these granules is found to be excellent in avoiding such reptiles entering your garden, farm and land area. Once applied, small dose of these granules will last longer.