Grow Bag with Handle

Grow bags are large plastic bags containing soil or compost in which plants, especially vegetables, can be grown. With growbags you can grow vegetables in any sunny spot like gardwn, backyard, even your sitouts. Grow bags with handle makes it easier to transport from one place to another. The bags are made of durable polyethylene material that will last for years. It is suitable for your home garden to grow vegetables and other plants. Grow bags are a suitable choice for gardening at home.

Compared to other types of grow bags such as fabric or felt bags, HDPE grow bags are more rigid and have a smooth surface. This makes them less prone to tearing or puncturing and easier to clean. Grow bags are absolutely reusable! Most will eventually degrade as a result of sun exposure and other weather conditions, but it can be years before this happens. This is one of the reasons they're such an economical option, and if you use a recycled bag, environmentally friendly as well. We offer quality grow bags at various sizes to suite your requirement.


  • Size: Available in different sizes
  • Thickness: 220 GSM
  • Color: Green/Orange
  • Durability: 5 Years or more
  • Stability: UV Protected in sunlight
  • Material: HDPE UV treated fabric
  • Drain System: Drain holes available in bottom of the bags