A S Bava introduces Polyethylene Tarpee Sheets/Rolls being manufactured by latest technology using modern imported machinery under strict quality control. We have succesfully developed Polyethylene Tarpee Sheets/Rolls which contain special UV stabilizers ensuring remarkably longer life and no dis-colouring.

Applications of Polyethylene Tarpee Sheet/Roll

  • Outdoor sheeting(rain cover, sun shades, dust covers), agricultural use, forestry, dairying, fishery, traffic transportation industry, construction sites, factories, shop and stores
  • Covering in general-for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, Bullock cart, Hand cart, fishing boat automobiles, truck hoods, swimming pool, etc
  • Civil engineering sheet, heat insulation covering
  • Agricultre and marine industries for threshing sheet, drying sheet, hot bed sheet, fruit ripening sheet, for irrigation and gutters, imported lumber fumigation sheet, Green house
  • Others-for simple warehouses, bale wraps for textile Polyster fibre wool tops, refugee camping center, flexible container bags, duct houses, various packaging materials


  • 100% waterproof
  • Economical compare to canvas
  • Light weight easy to carry and flexible
  • Chemically stable-Non toxic,odour free
  • Tough and durable
  • Available in Roll and Sheet
  • Available in attractive colours
  • Protection from ultra voilet rays
  • Does not deteriorate ROT
  • Fungus proof
  • Stitchless